Brad pitt dumped for the sake of the beloved billionaire

Брэда Питта бросила возлюбленная ради миллиардера

42-year-old Israeli was preferred Hollywood star billionaire. Fig.: Page Six

Beloved brad pitt Professor of architecture Massachusetts Institute of technology Neri Oxman left him.

42-year-old Israeli was preferred Hollywood star billionaire. The weekend 9-10 June nery spent in the company of 52-year-old financier, billionaire bill Eckmann, reports the new York edition of Page Six in your exclusive.

Ekman, head of hedge Fund Pershing Square Capital Management, was involved in France in one of the Amateur tennis tournaments and on the podium for him fervently rooting Neri Oxman. After the game we headed to the party.

Bill Ekman is one of the most eligible bachelors of America: he’s divorced, his fortune Forbes estimates at $ 1.1 billion.

Earlier it was reported that brad pitt “fancy” for a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of technology – a 42-year-old native of Israel Neri Oxman. Later it became known that brad pitt is going to meet angelina Jolie with her new beloved and very nervous about the upcoming meeting of the two women.