Braves braked in Dodge Cup quarterfinals

(Farnham) The Braves season ended Saturday night with a defeat in the quarterfinals in the AA junior class of the Dodge Cup tournament held in Montreal.

Farnham lost 5-0 to the Lafontaine Excavation of Bellechasse. The Quebec-Chaudière-Appalaches region also defeated the Marques de Jonquière in the grand final Sunday night, being at the same time crowned provincial champions.

“It was the team that was number one in Quebec in the POC ranking, from the first to the last day of the regular season. And we understand why. Honestly, it’s a whole hockey machine, “says Braves head coach and general manager Jean-Charles Lajoie.

Lajoie pointed out that the quarter-final could have fallen at the end of the second period, while Bellechasse led only 1-0. “Justin Racine misses a desert net, and he never does that. And Gabriel Maheu hits a post. If both of these games succeed, we are 2-1 ahead. It completely changes the situation, “he regrets.

The big boss of the Braves also believes that a complete alignment would have allowed his troop to beat Jonquière in preliminary round. She would have been able to avoid Bellechasse until the final. “The fact of supporting kids in their studies made us very, very badly in the tournament. ”

Despite some disappointments – including a first-round elimination of the AA Laurentides-Lanaudière Junior Hockey League series, Lajoie will keep very good memories of the past season.

“You can not be disappointed. We are champions of a tournament (that of Boisbriand, Editor’s note). We are champions of the regular schedule of 32 games of our league. We are champions of the Estrie with a big victory against Plessisville. (…) We went to our fourth game at the Dodge Cup, and we fell in front of the provincial champions, “he said.

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“What a group of players it was! Tomorrow’s leaders in our society. Extraordinary young men. (…) We had a great pleasure together. ”

Atom AA: Gunners in semi-finals

Two other teams from the region also represented the Estrie at the Dodge tournament.

The Artillerymen of Bedford-Cowansville-Farnham have indeed come very close to reach the ultimate match of class AA atom. The premises were however restrained by the Concordes 1 of Mirabel in semi-final. Louka Langlois’s only net was not enough in a 2-1 loss.

As for them, Midget BB Gunners did not last long, conceding three consecutive defeats. Jean-Christophe Gaudreau led the team with a four-point crop in the tournament.

It should also be noted that about ten players from the region participated in the tournament with the various teams at the École secondaire du Triolet in Sherbrooke.

Zachary Barabé, Charles Beaudoin, Mathieu Bélanger, Jean-Michel Carey and Félix Dugal helped the Harfangs reach the AAA bantam ace square. Beaudoin also posted a seven-point crop in five games.

For his part, Isaac Tremblay has amassed four points with the Sherbrooke formation at pee-wee AAA level.