British MPs refused to run PACSICOM (video)

Британские депутаты отказались руководить Брекзитом (видео)

Theresa may has accepted a compromise with party members

The British Parliament rejected the idea to control the negotiations bracito. And all the powers left to the government.

Why lawmakers withdrew from the decision-making one of the most important processes in the history of great Britain – knows Svetlana Chernetskaya from London.

The last two days in the British Parliament the very rich. MPs to discuss dozens of amendments to the law on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. Each submitted to a separate vote. Hot debate causes amendment regarding the participation of the Parliament in the negotiations on brazito. It gives more control to deputies over the course of the negotiations. The possibility of convening a new referendum on brazito a year.

“All the other parliaments of the 27 EU countries in the end will vote for the approval of the agreement between Britain and the EU bracito. And we, participants, are deprived of this opportunity. This is unacceptable,” says Kenneth Clarke, member of the British Parliament from the conservative party.

The government is categorical: only the Ministers should participate in the negotiations with Brussels. And make all the key decisions. Involvement in the process MPs would lead to chaos.

“The government will not be able to demonstrate the flexibility necessary for successful negotiations, if the hands will tie in the process. This will lead to anything else, as a disadvantageous deal for Britain. The key idea is that the government sets the direction of negotiations,” says David Davis, the Minister for British exit from the EU.

However, the Parliament turned out to be a lot who disagree with this opinion. It got to the point that against the will of their own Prime Minister was going to vote the ruling Conservative party. This Theresa may could not prevent, because the change of companions would undermine its authority. So the government has to compromise. And orally promised the Parliament more control over PACSICOM. Such a coaxing worked. The amendment was rejected.

“For rejection – 324 votes. Against – 298. Therefore, the victory of votes “for”, – commented on the results, John bercow, the speaker of the Parliament of great Britain.

And, consequently, the victory of the government. Theresa may did not allow the rebellion and once again proved that it controls the Parliament. Negotiations with Brussels about the terms of the divorce have been going on for a year. And the formal withdrawal of Britain from the EU is scheduled for the end of March. Therefore, the government has less time for the solution to strife in the country.