British pensioner refused the old age and has become a popular model

In the UK, elderly women are equal to his age, which in 64 years has rejected old age and became popular and highly paid model. Lin Slater became an example for many Brits.

Slater shared his secret in a television broadcast. She told me that from childhood, preached free sex, commitment to fashion and youth trends. When the years began to take their own, Lin did not want to obey the ruthless dictates of nature. The woman said “no” to old age and start to deal with it, dressed accordingly and taking the lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to when I was young.

The efforts of the pensioner was spotted advertising companies. Not needed long-term promotion, in order Slater became popular and recognizable. Now the pensioner is a person of many leading brands including Balenciaga, Valentino and Uniqlo, which due to older models, developed a new concept of its activity. Slater idolize the same age, accounting for many thousands army of subscribers in the social network.