Broken finger, torn nail and plaster: like a Kiev bought ice cream at the supermarket

Сломанный палец, оторванный ноготь и гипс: как киевлянка покупала мороженое в супермаркете

Even doctors administrator called immediately

Broken fingers and broken fingernails – thus ended the trip to the store for girls from Kiev Maryna Mishchenko. The woman dropped the glass from the freezer. And supermarket staff did not even think to help.

“I opened it, took ice cream, and it was in these strips, the glass was not fixed, and, accordingly, I pulled, and it fell to the foot”, – says the girl, reports

Broken finger, a torn nail plate and plaster for at least a month Marina shows the consequences of its campaign for ice-cream in one of the capital’s supermarkets. The woman says, even doctors, the administrator called immediately.

“The administrators have not given me first aid. When the people he began to tell me that you need to call an ambulance, he called an ambulance. The ambulance came and took me away,” says the victim Marina Mishchenko.

Later the administration in front of the Marina apologized by phone. And assured all deficiencies have been corrected. No financial compensation was offered.

They did not want the representatives of trading networks to communicate with the press – limited to unsubscribing.

She already prepares the claim in court with the requirement to reimburse the treatment costs and moral damage. Lawyers say – to recover compensation for injury in shop it is difficult, however, to prove his innocence still stands.

“You can prove in a variety of ways – starting with that you can collect the testimony of witnesses who saw what happened, besides, you can fix it yourself, with the help of video. If you think that there is evidence of a criminal offense – you can call the police,” says attorney Michael Ilyashev.

And here in the United States compensation for injury in shop is quite common. For example last year, 59-year-old Henry Walker from Alabama sued the supermarket more than $ 7 million. The man tried to take a watermelon from the counter. But the leg was stuck in a wooden pallet, he fell and broke his hip. The court was on his side. In Ukraine, such cases rarely reach court.