Brushes snow : attention!

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Attention to brush snow! They could in effect ruin the paint of your car! “What? It must now be wary of a harmless object that millions of Quebecers use it every winter to plow their car? ” will cry out some.


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As surprising as it may seem, the blades snow conventional become dirty with time.

Why? Because the dirt settles on the snow that you remove from your car, and this dirt is collecting in the bristles of your brush for the snow. This last is composed of microparticles that, if they are streaks on the paint of your car, may show what is commonly referred to as angel hair, or spider webs, or microégratignures to the surface of the protection layer of clear covers the color of your car.

In addition, the bristles of the brush, which wear out with time, can have the same effect, and that is damaging the layer clear of the car. After one or two winters at this rate, the painting will have lost all its brilliance, which may contribute to a loss in value accelerated the vehicle.

A solution

How to address the problem of brooms snow?

There is a solution! Companies have developed a type of snow brush that has no hair, but rather a species of tape styrofoam flexible, capable of sweeping the snow, without the drawbacks of the traditional broom.

This is the same problem faced by people who wash their car with big brushes. Yes, it goes faster, especially when you have large surfaces to clean, such as a pick-up truck for example. But by dint of repeated washings, you’ll notice, the sun, the paint has several imperfections.

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This winter, swipe intelligently.