Bukovina SBU give blood for wounded combatants

sbuSBU in the Chernivtsi region joined the all-Ukrainian action of charitable giving blood for the wounded in battle with the terrorists in the east of the state. This June 24 povidomlyayepres Center SBU.

It is learned that with a sincere desire to do good business with all members of management units within the next month to visit the station of blood transfusion to help save more than one life.

“It’s not just action, but a vital necessity. Indeed, in fighting terrorists killed and Ukrainian soldiers are injured. Colleagues have also gone through the crucible of fighting in the east, so we understand the importance of support and assistance to those who defended the bullets territorial integrity of Ukraine “- said Acting Chief of Igor Dovhosheyev.

Also, the report noted that staff USBU in Chernivtsi region raised funds for the families of those killed in the battle of Bukovina – Chernivtsi Division fighters airborne troops. The Office believe that support for the families of dead – the sacred duty of everyone.

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