Bulanova lives with her ex-husband in the same apartment

In a recent interview on the program “the Destiny of man” the famous singer said that she still lives with her ex-husband in the same apartment, despite the divorce. Tatiana Bulanova 11 years has lived in marriage with football player Vladislav Radimov. Not so long ago, Tatiana announced in their social networks about an official divorce.


It became known that the birthday of the singer’s ex-wife celebrated together. Tatyana, on the program “the Destiny of man” said that he did not see anything wrong with that, because with Radimov they remained on excellent terms. The footballer recently stated that Bulanova they are together again. Tatyana, in turn, has denied this fact, however, confirmed that they live with her ex-husband together despite the divorce.

Not so long ago, all the media wrote that Radimov has got herself a young lover and this was the cause of the destruction of a strong marriage. However, the news Tatyana Bulanova is also denied, saying that the reasons were more profound.