Buzova urged the athletes to go to the Olympic games and the IOC decision called delirium

Just recently, the IOC issued a decision to dismiss the athletes of the Olympic team of Russia from participation in the next Olympic games. This decision caused a flurry of indignation from the public. In the side of the left and the media personality of Olga Buzova.


In his Instagram Olga posted a photo where she is dressed in a symbolic t-shirt with the hashtag protest #NoRussiaNoGames. The recording Buzova was accompanied by an angry tirade about the injustice of this decision and dubbed the verdict Moka “nonsense”. Olga Buzova urged athletes to go to games under a neutral flag, and not to take their positions, no matter what. And also stressed that in her eyes all the athletes, excluded from participation, “heroes”.

Today the number of protesters #NoRussiaNoGames exceeded 500 thousand people. Among them are not only fans and athletes, removed from the game, but also the politicians, stars and public figures.