By the year 2600 people would ultimately disappear – the scientist

К 2600 году люди полностью исчезнут, - ученый

Physicist Stephen Hawking said that people can completely disappear by the year 2600. It is noted that the scientist does not see positive scenarios for the development of life on Earth.

Hawking predicted the death of humanity, speaking at the summit WE Tencent in Beijing. He stated that the increase in population and the constant increase in energy consumption will lead to the fact that the Earth will become a “flaming fireball”.

The scientist is convinced that humanity needs urgently to colonize other planets to survive. Hawking addressed to the investors and asked them to support the project, called Breakthrough Starshot. He intends to arrange a flight to alpha Centauri – the nearest star to the Solar system. According to Hawking, in this district may be located a planet suitable for humans. The scientist added that the journey time is 20 years.