Caisse de Granby – Haute-Yamaska: increase in rebates

(Granby) Members of the Caisse Desjardins de Granby – Haute-Yamaska ​​will receive $ 3,066,550 in group and individual dividends this year, up 7.3% from last year.

At the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday evening, the officers offered $ 2,861,550 in individual form and $ 205,000 to the Community Development Fund.

“We do not want to reduce rebates,” assured the Caisse general manager, Serge Laflamme, during a press briefing in the hours before the meeting. “The trend has gone. The balance is being redone, “added the president, Andre Moses, referring to the general reserve that the Caisse always keeps from its surpluses. For the year 2016, more than $ 18 million will be devoted to it.

Overall, the results show an excellent year 2016, notes the management. The volume of business under management – that is, deposits and loans – totaled $ 5.4 billion, 6.4% more than in 2015.

Also up, assets are over $ 2.5 billion, while the Caisse’s liabilities amount to nearly $ 2.3 billion, for total assets of $ 250 million. This “wealth of members” experienced a positive variation of 7.6% compared to the previous annual balance sheet.

However, operating surpluses declined slightly from $ 19.6 million in 2015 to $ 19.2 million at December 31, 2016.

“We think this is one of the best years of the Caisse,” says Serge Laflamme, noting that “good growth, member satisfaction and stability”. “And it is anticipated that 2017 will be at the same height. ”

Engaged in the environment

In 2016, the Caisse de Granby – Haute-Yamaska ​​awarded $ 622,038 in the community, in the form of donations, sponsorships or through the Community Development Fund.

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The six winners of the fourth Moi, co coop contest were also unveiled to members Tuesday night. The École des Bâtisseurs, the secondary school of the Upper Town, the J.-H.-Leclerc secondary school, the secondary school of the Divine Word, the House of Families of Granby and the Regional Ethnic Solidarity of the Yamaska ​​shared a total of $ 28,843.

New wickets

While the volume of transactions at ATMs is down-from 9% to 6% -the Caisse has announced that it will renew the 24 wickets in its territory.

Serge Laflamme recalled that Desjardins Group’s wicket office was “due” and that our region was the first to be affected by the deployment of new-generation equipment.

Members should be able to discover them as early as the first quarter of 2018. These counters will make it possible to carry out transactions without using envelopes.

This modernization, says Serge Laflamme, should have no impact on the workforce. “We’re more likely to move people. ”