Called to create the Odessa national Republic: SBU exposed the anti-Ukrainian propagandists in social networks

Призывали создать Одесскую народную республику: СБУ разоблачила антиукраинских пропагандистов в соцсетях

The security service of Ukraine in September-October 9 exposed the Pro-Russian propagandists in Odessa, Kyiv and Severodonetsk, who were campaigning in favor of the aggressor. This was reported on the website of the SBU.

“The attackers, who were funded by special services of the Russian Federation, published sent from Russia political news and called for holding actions of disobedience and riots,” – said in the message.

In particular, they have issued calls to overthrow the constitutional order and state power in our country and to support terrorists “D/LPR”.

In the video released by the SBU, one of the men admits that he published in social networks write with a call to the creation of so-called “Odessa national Republic” and campaigned Odessa to unite with unrecognized Transnistria and later to join Russia.

“On a plan of curators, through the manipulation of public opinion the Internet users propagandists was to influence the course of elections of the President of Ukraine”, – noted in SBU.

As reported, the SBU exposed the anti-Ukrainian network, which received instructions from the Putin administration.

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