Came Ukrainian movie trailer Mountain woman: war

Вышел украинский трейлер фильма Горная женщина: на войне

The official Ukrainian trailer of the film “Mountain woman: war,” directed by Benedict Erlingsson.

The painting was created in co-production of France, Iceland and Ukraine, with the support of the state.

In the film “Mountain woman at war” rises painful problem of environmental degradation, which is transmitted through the struggle of a woman who decides to take on the mission for the protection of nature and preservation of the highlands of Iceland.

Hull – the conductor of the choir, which is behind the scenes quiet routine is the secret life of a passionate defender of the environment. When hull’s plans, and his most daring operation, she receives an unexpected letter. Its application to the child’s adoption is finally approved and it is waiting for a little girl from Ukraine. As hull prepares to leave his role as saboteur and protector of the highlands, to fulfill his dream of becoming a mother, she decides to make another final attack to strike the aluminum industry a devastating blow.

The world premiere took place in may at the Cannes film festival where the film received the prize for best music. In addition, the film was nominated for the award of the European Parliament.

In the Ukrainian film will be released on August 16.

As previously reported, the new trailer for “the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura” showed the assassination of the Ukrainian leader.

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