Canada: a defence to an overhaul of

Canadien: une défense à revoir de fond en comble

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It has been said and will repeat it, Marc Bergevin is not the end of his sentences and he will have to make a sudden steaming in order to win the trust of consumers.

And yet.

An element is increasingly apparent since the start of the playoffs : teams that rely on the involvement of the defenders in attack are coping admirably well.

The Golden Knights Vegas are one example. Gerard Gallant gives a lot of freedom to their young defenders. As soon as they have the opportunity, they boost the attack, they carry the puck, they are usually their incursion into the enemy area until the goalkeeper.

Same scenario in Nashville. Same strategy in Columbus with Seth Jones and Zach Werenski. The Lightning has always advocated this system.

In fact, the defenders are all very fast, with a few exceptions.

This is the new trend, it’s hockey now, and this is the reason why he scores more goals.

It is said that the priority for Bergevin is to find a centre player of a very high level, and this is just. But these players centre need to be supported by the defenders able to resume the attack, able to spot a team-mate that stands out, able to disturb the opponent.

Bergeron put on a defensive unit that could give lustre to the attack of the training ? Who can carry the puck from the defensive zone to the area opposing ? Jeff Petry ? On occasion, yes.

Shea Weber ? It has lost its effectiveness in this aspect of the game.

That leaves who ? Victor Mete ?


In a class of its own

There is perhaps not one who, in every season, tops the ranking of the best pointers from the national League.

It does not even place among the top 10 players to be the most productive.

Except that it is in a class of its own.

Claude Julien could tell you about the versatility and intelligence of Patrice Bergeron. He could tell at what point the impact that it exerts in Boston Bruins is sometimes science fiction.

It is one of the league’s best in the circle of stakes in the game.

It is one of the best, if not the best, to excel in 200 feet.

It is one of the best to pass the time in numerical inferiority.

It is he who gives luster to the massive attack of the Bruins.

He is a leader. A true.

During the first two games of the series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the boston Bruins, he was dominating. It was anticipated a duel between Bergeron and Auston Matthews.

But the player of the Bruins has changed the scenario in its own way. He gave a clinic on the art of playing with passion. David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand have something to celebrate. They have the opportunity to grow with one of the best in his profession.

What is expected of a player of centre, it has been found in Bergeron. And the player of 32 years has never sought to attract the spotlight. Yet, it is one of the skaters the most respected by his peers. Its performance during the first two games of the series only confirms that it belongs to a group of athletes that are very specific.

Those that make their sport even more exciting.

Dubois, the feat of Tortorella

Since the start of the playoffs, was there a team other than the one of the Blue Jackets of Columbus, which turns into a skater 19, to rotate the first trio ?

Yet, John Tortorella have no hesitation to use Pierre-Luc Dubois.

At the time of writing these lines, the young man was preparing to face the Washington Capitals in the second game of the series between the Blue Jackets and the champions of the division of Metropolitan france.

During the first duel, Dubois has played more than 23 minutes, he collected a pass on the winning goal by Artemi

Panarin, and Tortorella has even been used as the Blue Jackets had to limit the damage in the face of the dangerous attack in five of the Capitals.

“I don’t see Dubois as a player recruit. Anyway, it does not behave like a player of the first year. He learns quickly, he became familiar with all the situations. It provides the opportunity to spread out its talent, and it capitalizes on all the opportunities that it offers.

The draft of 2016, Jarmo Kekalainen, the general manager of the Blue Jackets, said his recruiters Finnish, that he would not choose Jesse Puljujarvi in the third rank of the first round. Kekalainen, a Finn himself, had settled the argument. It was Dubois, and non-Puljujarvi, who was selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the fourth rank.

Today, the Blue Jackets are pleased to have made this decision. Dubois plays between Panarin and Cam Atkinson while Puljujarvi has difficulty piercing the formation of the Oilers.

Luckily for the Blue Jackets.

The makers of the training grimacent every time they consult the results of the Golden Knights of Vegas and they stop on William Karlsson, who played as with their organisation last year.

Dubois has been able to forget that error of course.


The Predators of Nashville have finished first place in the general classification, but do not look in the column of the best pointers a door-colours of this training who have reached the plateau of 70 points.

There is no.

Except that it is a formation having the depth as much in attack as in defence. It has four good lines of attack, it relies on four defenders at a high level. And Pekka Rinne does not need presentation.

Since 1986, five teams have won the Stanley cup with no skater who earned more than 70 points. But none of these five groups has not won the trophy of the President.

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