Canada: the big bosses earn up to 149 times the average salary

Photo: Lee Wu CC
Americans are, however, at the top of the list with a gap of 265 times, for a total compensation average of 14.3 million.

Canada is ranked seventh for its patrons the best paid. The average remuneration of a chief executive officer reached 149 times that of the average worker.


The list comes from the financial agency Bloomberg. The ranking focuses on the total income of the business leaders component of the major indices. Thus, a ceo in Canada received an average total compensation of $6.5 million US, according to a compilation made in December, which is 149 times that of the average worker. It arrives on the 7th rank, a world ranking measuring the income gap in 22 countries.


Americans are, however, at the top of the list with a gap of 265 times, for a total compensation average of 14.3 million including salary, fixed and variable, equity and retirement benefits. It is necessary to remember, however, that the differential canada-us is not without reflect, in part, a stock market performance contrasted. In Exchange, the progressions of the clues to this day can reach 20-25 % in New York, 6 % in Toronto.


Arrived at the second India, with a difference of 229 times, and then the United Kingdom, with a difference of 201. The others fall under the bar 200 times. In its study, Bloomberg retains, however, a measure not very precise. The agency measures the average income of workers according to the GDP per capita, calculated in purchasing power parity.


At the bottom of the list, Norway farm walking with a difference of 20 times. The other main nordic countries are arriving at the 14th and 18th ranks, occupied respectively by Finland (71-fold) and Sweden (60 times). In China, the 10th, the ceo receives an average pay equivalent to that earned by 127 workers.


Increase in 2016


Last June, the Globe and Mail published the data 2016 of the executive compensation of the 100 largest canadian companies listed on the stock Exchange. The median compensation of ceos had increased by 10.8% compared to 2015 for a total of $6.3 million CDN. The median salary base of the head of branch had increased by 5.6 % and the bonus median of 3.8 %. The most significant gains have been made in the granting of options to purchase shares, an increase of 13.3 %, or in the issuance of shares and equivalents, an increase of 25.6 %. The daily toronto adds in its list the value of the pension plans when there is a presence of defined benefit plans.


In this compilation, it was necessary to add the median value of unexercised options and the shares (or equivalents) for paid, but unearned, to 3.8 million, swelling to $ 16.1 million was the median value of the shares granted. And improve all of the median cost of defined benefit plans.