Canadian women win the Clarkson Cup

Marie-Philip Poulin scored two goals, one in a deserted net, and the Montreal Canadiens raised their fourth Clarkson Cup by winning 3-1 against Calgary Inferno on Sunday.

This victory allowed Canadian women to avenge their 8-3 defeat at Inferno in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League final.

“We’ve been waiting for this duel for a year,” Poulin said. We wanted to be intense. They are a very good team and we wanted to put pressure on them and send them to the net. We are very happy with the way we came out and good things happened. ”

Poulin also believes that this season of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League has shown how much sport evolves among women.

“We have shown that this sport is growing,” she said. The games were fiercely contested and it shows the level of game of women’s hockey. The sport has certainly grown in Finland, Sweden and the United States. ”

Katia Clement-Heydra also donned the needle for the Canadian women while Julie Chu prepared two nets of her troop.

It was a fourth title for the city of Montreal during the nine years of existence of the Clarkson Cup and a first since 2012. Before the team was renamed before the start of the 2015-2016 season, The Montreal Stars also won top honors in 2009 and 2011.

The Inferno players were crowned champions of the regular season thanks to their 20-4-0 record, four points ahead of the Canadians. The Calgary team had scored 100 goals in the season, a summit, but it only managed to deceive Charline Labonté once. Jillian Saulnier found the net at 12:57 of the third twenty.

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Labonte finished the game with 27 saves while Emerance Maschmeyer made 21 in front of the Inferno.

“I was so happy. There could not have been a better person for this goal because they were putting a lot of pressure, Labonté said about Poulin. The Inferno is a very good team and the players can change the pace of a game in a snap. ”

Clément-Heydra opened the score on a power play at 12:36 of the first period. She grabbed the puck before flying it and eventually moved the ropes through a reverse throw.

The Canadian doubled their lead in the second period when Poulin took a veiled shot that hit Maschmeyer’s mitt before sneaking between his leggings.

Inferno did not generate much opportunity to score in the first half of the game, but the players recovered in the second half of the game. But it was not enough to create equality and force an extension.

“We were a bit dull in the first half and we took too long to get started,” said Brianne Jenner, captain of Inferno. We had chances to score at the end, but sometimes it does not work for us. ”