Cancer associated with breast implants: Ottawa will re-examine the situation

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OTTAWA – in the Face of the increase in the number of reported cases of cancer linked to breast implants, Health Canada announced Tuesday that a review of the situation in the country.

Associated with breast implants, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a rare and serious cancer affecting the immune system. It can appear several months or years after the breast implant surgery, and this, as much among those with breast implants filled with saline solution than among those whose implants are filled with silicone gel.

“January 1, 2019, Health Canada had been informed of 22 confirmed cases and 22 suspected cases of ALCL-AIM in Canada,” said the ministry in a press release.

Gold, argues Ottawa, during its initial review of safety published in 2017, Health Canada reported only five confirmed cases over the previous ten years.

“The increase in the number of cases reported to Health Canada to be primarily due to a greater awareness among health professionals and the public to this disease,” said the ministry.

Ottawa promises to conclude its update for the spring of 2019. “Therefore, Health Canada will take all measures necessary to inform the canadian population and the providers of health care”, a-t was specified.

Health Canada recommends that people with breast implants to do regular self-breast examination and periodically consult a surgeon for a follow up.

“The removal of the breast implants, even in the absence of signs or symptoms suggestive of ALCL-AIM is an option in which it is better to discuss with a health care professional,” says one.

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Last January, two law firms in montreal have filed a proposed class action against five manufacturers of breast implants, textured, under the pretext that they have purposely hidden the risk of developing a rare form of cancer.