Cancer is a leading Yuri Nikolaev regrets that put my career first

At first I was shocked, but I managed to gather” – so began the story of his illness leading Yuri Nikolaev.


The diagnosis of bowel cancer Yuri Nikolaev put at the beginning of zero. Despite this, none of my colleagues had no idea about the dire state of the host. So, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk only found out after filming that the front of the Nikolaev project underwent a major surgery.

Now Yuri feels sorry that he didn’t take a pause in my professional life and put my career first. “Did they need this heroism?” – asks a leading question, because health should be first.

When colleagues and students learned of the serious illness of the performer, they immediately offered their assistance. But by means of Nikolaev refused, confident that they will cope on their own.

Now Yuri Nikolaev passes regular inspections and, if necessary, procedures frees your schedule. These measures help to prevent sudden relapse.