Cancer is one of the family members encourages others towards a healthy lifestyle

Cancer is one of the family members encourages others to understand that the probability of occurrence of this disease is real. This motivates them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

To such conclusion the German scientists, working in Bremen at the Institute. Leibniz, dealing with the problems on prevention and epidemiology.

According to the data, which were made by the specialists of this institution, that there are people with oncological problems, motivates others to think about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

They quit Smoking, you begin to more actively exercise and eat more fruit and vegetables. Also significantly reduced the consumption of these people of alcoholic beverages.

Scientists in the experiment, interviewed almost a thousand Germans. 700 of them were among close relatives of people with oncological problems.

People understand that if among their immediate relatives appeared cancer patients, the urgent need to engage in its prevention. At the same time, while no one has proved that such ailment can be hereditary.