Candidate. Issue the second: the First task and the first left

Кандидат. Выпуск второй: Первое задание и первый выбывший

In anticipation of the new political season, on the eve of elections in the Ukrainian television space a new socio-political reality show “the Candidate”, where for the first time in the air is absolutely transparent, the country will observe the emergence of a new MP from the people. The second edition of the show aired on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” 2 September.

The participants, who were selected in the last issue, divided into two teams: Gladiators, the men’s team, and “Power” team women.

The first job they got in the Verkhovna Rada, where he met with the curators and the host of the show – the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich. Teams must define the problem in one of the districts of Kiev and to find ways to solve it, it gave them only one day and a budget of 500 UAH. At the end of the job one of the teams will lose a member. And yet, the teams had to identify the leader.

Evaluated how well the contestants coped with the task, expert Vladimir Psychiatry, head of the project “public tribune”, and his team.

The team of “Gladiators” went to str, and “Power”.. To begin with, the participants of the show interviewed the residents, but at the stage of defining problems arose the first conflict in “Power”.

The next day, the candidates proceeded to the practical part: “the Power” has held an ecological action of planting and health, and “Gladiators” – repairing the Playground, talked about recycling of mercury lamps, and paint inscriptions with the drugs and collected the garbage.

But not everything went smoothly: the participants met with the first problem – the sabotage, the outrage of local residents and miscommunication in teams.

What the experts say about how to handle a team? They were not satisfied with the results, and the choice was difficult to do – after all, large deficiencies in the work, there were both men and women.

Team “Power” left to wait for the verdict, which of the girls will leave the project, and the “Gladiators” went to rest winners.

Meeting with leading was intense and unexpected verdict Vadim Rabinovich surprised all the participants.

There is still 11 issues, where to determine the single candidate who will get passage in this party in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and training at Stanford University.

The full stories of all the participants of the reality show are collected here, and the first issue of the project was released on 26 August.

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