Cannabis products on the internet : online scam !


Published the 14.11.2017 at 07: 30


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Medicinal cannabis is allowed in more countries. In the United States, it is possible to procure online in the form of oil, solution to dilute or fluid to vaporize. Researchers have discovered that most of these products are poorly labeled, which can cause health problems. They have published their analysis in a scientific journal.

A bad labelling widespread

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers from the school of medicine of the university of Pennsylvania have analyzed 84 products that contain cannabidiol, the main component of cannabis. Unlike the cannabis pure, it does not “glide” consumers.
They have ordered all the products on online shopping sites : 70% of these products were mislabeled, either because they contained more cannabidiol than what was shown, either because they contained less.
These products are used without the authorisation of the placing on the market in several cases : anxiety, inflammation, pain, or epilepsy. If the product is over – or under-dosed, people can either consume too little for it to be possibly effective or on the contrary take on too much. The medical benefits of these products already tiny can lead to poisoning.

Some products contain THC

Among the 84 products products ordered,18 were found to contain THC, the molecule that, itself, is ” spacey “. It is recognized as dangerous, since it may cause cognitive impairments, in gereuses during certain activities, such as the led automotive, and other negative effects on health. These gold-based products cannabidiol are, according to the researchers, also used to treat children with epilepsy. As a result, consumers ingest the THC, without even knowing it. In spite of the low level of scientific evidence on its alleged actions, the set of these based products cannabidiol may represent a market of over 1.71 billion euros in three years, according to experts in market research, and the growth is not going to stop.