Capital building trade unions decided not to demolish – experts

Fully restore facility to plan the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence in 2016.
State of load-bearing structures in the House of Trade Unions in the center of Kyiv, damaged by fire during the protests, allows you to restore the building. This at a press conference on December 19, said the head of trade union of construction and building materials industry of Ukraine – Director of the Foundation “Renaissance House of Trade Unions” Vasily Andreyev.

“Expert opinion exists. It’s almost 400-odd pages of research each node, each plate, each beam that exists in the House of Trade Unions. And on the basis of expert opinion can say that the House of Trade Unions is in satisfactory condition and in need of restoration work, “- said Andreev.

Present at the press conference architect and one of the experts on investigation of the House of Trade Unions after the fire Artyom Bilyk confirmed the above information.

“Our conclusion is unambiguous – the building be restored, the foundation is in good condition – no subsidence, cracks were recorded, although the building was flooded with water during fire fighting. Columns practically not affected by the fires – they are in satisfactory condition, “- said Bilyk.

He noted that many of the building floor slabs need to be replaced, but stressed that this does not threaten the integrity of the whole structure.

However, Andreev said that the fund “Revival House of Trade Unions” has collected 2.95 million and tens of thousands of dollars. These funds around 2 million was spent on financing expert research buildings, as well as to pay for immediate emergency measures to strengthen the House of Trade Unions.

According to Andreev, for work in the aftermath of a fire in the House of Trade Unions was selected Company “FC Bud.”

However, he said that after these works will be held open bids for internal and external finishing of the building.

In addition, the project will strengthen the building will be ready before the end of January 2015, and work to eliminate the emergency plan to be completed by the end of February next year.

“With the end of February are planning to begin work on the restoration of the building internal content, that is facing,” – said Andreev.

Fully restore facility is scheduled for the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence in 2016.

Andreev could not name a full cost recovery of the House of Trade Unions, but expressed hope that the funds for these purposes will bring to organizations that are placed in the building before the fire and who are interested in restoring their premises.

Recall, December 14, Vitali Klitschko said that the House of Trade Unions in Kiev is so damaged that it is necessary to demolish and build new .

As you know, in February protesters clash with security forces escalated into armed confrontation, during which the center of Kyiv killed over a hundred people . Capital Trade Union House, located at the Independence Square, was used as the headquarters of the National activists resistance. During the storm Square on the night of 18 on February 19 security forces set fire to the building trade unions to protesters left the building.

In late September, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine Grigory Kosovo said that the House of Trade Unions work continues to clean bearing structures and garbage collection. He said the building inspection scheduled for October, will then a competition to attract investors and contractors to restore the object. Chairman FPU also stressed that while the federation plans to restore the House of Trade Unions in the form in which it was before the fire. He estimates that cost recovery object about 60 million. USD.

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