Car registrations for minors can complicate

In Russia can be a complicated procedure for registration of vehicles to minors. In the framework of the conference of South-Russian parliamentary Association in Yalta was made an appeal to the state Duma and the interior Ministry.

In the appeal the state Duma calling for the elimination of the gap in the legislation by which the violators can get away from the fines. Now in Russia for violation of traffic rules, in case video is the responsibility of the owner of the car. But this does not affect the owners of transport by age less than 16 years. In the country, more and more cases where perpetrators use this caveat to avoid penalties.

Statistics says that only in the Rostov region children was 185 cars. These machines at the end of last year noticed 4 160 traffic violations, and we are talking only about cases that are recorded by the camera. This figure in comparison with the year 2016 has tripled.

According to Russian parliamentarians, the law needs to change so that for traffic violations answered by parents or other representatives of a minor, on which there was transportation.