Carbon tax: Ottawa and some provinces to cross over the iron

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REGINA, Saskatchewan | The legal battle between Ottawa and Saskatchewan on the federal tax on carbon began on Wednesday, in Regina, which will hold hearings in the provincial Court of appeal.

Sixteen stakeholders need to scroll in order to defend their point. The conservative government of Saskatchewan challenged the willingness of Ottawa to impose a carbon tax. He asked the provincial Court of appeal, a legal opinion as to whether the measure strong of the Trudeau government is constitutional or not.

Recall that, under the flagship measure of the Trudeau government, as early as the 1st of April next, a portion of the tax imposed in Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan will enter into force in the form of a levy on gasoline and other fuels that will be required of producers and distributors.

Regina is of the opinion that the measure is unconstitutional because it does not respect the sovereignty and the autonomy of the provinces in relation to matters within their jurisdiction.

The minister of Justice of Saskatchewan has already predicted that the battle of the carbon tax with the federal government will likely continue before the supreme Court, according to the journal “Regina Leader-Post”. The province argues that such a tax will hurt its economy.

In addition to the Saskatchewan and the federal government, Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia, you must present their arguments.

Ottawa estimates that the carbon tax is the most effective way to achieve the emission targets set in the Paris Agreement. Only British Columbia, defends the position of Ottawa.

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