Carla Bruni-Sarkozy reacts to the harassment cases in the fashion world : “we must not throw the world away” – Gala


Asked about the violence supposed by the world of fashion, Carla Bruni has taken to exercise restraint. That was one of the top most famous of the 1990s estimated that there are actually men abusive and few professionals, but that it is necessary, however, to make sense of things and to respect the presumption of innocence.

The wave of testimonials ” balance your pork ” caused by the affair, Harvey Weinstein seems to have reached his tower in the middle of the mode. At the end of the month of October, the sulphurous photographer Terry Richardson accused of sexual assault, has been blacklisted by the magazine’s most prestigious, and several models have begun to denounce a universe macho, or even humiliating, and violent. The former first lady Carla Bruni, who was one of the great names of fashion in the 90’s, is back on the topic during an interview on France Inter, Tuesday, November 14, at the micro Laurent Goumarre.


I think there has always been great professionals, and, on the contrary, people not at all professional, perverse and abusive , began the bride of Nicolas Sarkozy, who has just released a new album. Before continuing : “About Terry Richardson, I know him and I had never done anything. If he actually is accused of rape criminally, it is something very serious.


But the former top model is also required to exercise restraint. “I’ve heard a lot of words, a lot of accusations, especially in recent years, sometimes very devastating. It is still necessary to take account of the presumption of innocence , she pleaded. As to whether the fashion is more violent today than in his time, the beautiful Italian has not been fooled. We heard it may be less to talk about in our years, but this is not to say that it was ” less real , she explained. And to conclude : “there will always and in all environments, dangerous people. But it is necessary to make sense of things and to not take all the world away.

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