Carlos Leitao to present his budget on March 28

Finance Minister Carlos Leitao will present his 2017-2018 budget on March 28 in Quebec City.
Mr Leitao warned last month that his fiscal plan will be placed under the sign of fiscal prudence, despite the restoration of a balanced budget.
The minister said he was sensitive to the need to avoid additional margins in the protectionist context caused by the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.
Last October, with a surplus of $ 2.2 billion in fiscal year 2015-2016, the government announced investments in education and health.
The abolition of the health tax, scheduled for 2018, has also been postponed to 2017.
Last year, the presentation of the government’s budget was overshadowed by the arrest of two former Liberal cabinet ministers, including Nathalie Normandeau.

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