Case SNC-Lavalin : the liberals use their majority to block it all

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OTTAWA-The liberal members of parliament have used their majority on a committee to block the testimony of the interested main in the case of SNC-Lavalin group, is the outgoing minister Jody Wilson-Raybould.

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For the opposition, the exclusion of Ms. Wilson-Raybould in the committee’s inquiry is nothing less than a ” cover-up “. “This is a joke, it’s a laugh of Canadians,” said conservative Pierre Paul-Hus during the session of nearly three hours on Wednesday.

A feeling shared by the bloquiste Rhéal Fortin, who accuses the liberals of wanting to ” drown the fish “.

The new democrat Nathan Cullen was amazed at the “little curiosity” displayed by his colleagues in the Trudeau government, which refused to hear Ms. Wilson-Raybould.

The liberal Randy Boissonneau has defended the position of his colleagues in stressing that the ex-minister of Justice is currently held with the professional secrecy.

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The extent of the secret

The government and Ms. Wilson-Raybould to evaluate for the moment on either side of the extent of the secret, that the latter shall retain, said Mr. Boissonneau, indicating that this principle of law is complex.

The liberals have also refused to testify, two of the closest associates of prime minister Trudeau, accusing the passage the opposition of engaging in a ” witch-hunt “.

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The members of the committee at liberal majority should meet next Tuesday to decide on the list of witnesses and the timing of the survey. This list is contested by the oppositions includes for the moment the current minister of Justice, David Lametti, and two senior officials.

Passing in Sudbury for an announcement, Justin Trudeau has reiterated clearly indicated to the former minister of Justice that the decision surrounding the criminal trial of SNC-Lavalin was his.

“If she felt the pressure, it was his responsibility to report it, what it has not done,” repeated Mr. Trudeau in the media scrum.

The daily newspaper The Globe and Mail alleged that Ms. Wilson-Raybould has been subject to intense pressure to intervene in favour of the multinational quebec for him to avoid a trial for fraud and corruption.