In the Cathedral fire was kindled Bethlehem

1181-300x218December 21, 2014 from Ternopil scouts brought Bethlehem Peace Flame in Cathedral City. Now everyone can light a candle in the church and to fire home.

Earlier Bethlehem Fire came in Ternopil City Council, where he took great delight in Ternopil Mayor Sergei V. Nadal. With fire scouts also visited the theater area of ​​the city.

“Peace Light of Bethlehem – a symbol of goodness, joy, light and peace. Lighting candles Bethlehem fire we lit like a ray of hope, indicating harmony and peace in this troubled time for all of us “- says the coordinator in action. Ternopil Olga Shymkiv.

It should be noted that the scouts plan preset Peace Light of Bethlehem in churches, schools, hospitals, government agencies Ternopil. Also, the fire will be handed over to the families of scouts who died in TU.

Peace Light of Bethlehem as light heat, peace, hope and travels around the world, breaking boundaries and uniting Christians on the eve of Christmas. The idea of ​​Fire and its simple symbolism – peace, joy and brotherhood – favorably spryynyalysya Ukrainian community cont recent years, accounting for many of us additions during the celebration of Christmas.

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