Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with acid, deteriorated health

У Екатерины Гандзюк, которую облили кислотой, ухудшилось здоровье

The counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with acid, has worsened the condition. This was reported in the Facebook group “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?”, which was created by friends Catherine, activists and journalists.

Information about her condition, “Gromadska” confirmed the lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaya Gandzyuk. For girls asked me to give the necessary medications that are not available in Ukraine. The community noted that the money they have.

“Experience the treatment of burns of this magnitude not only in our country but also in any other States, so you have to resort to the latest drugs that do not have time to get certified in our country, but because you can only buy them abroad”, — stated in the message.

Later in the message added that the cure managed to find two hours.

We will remind, in control of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked on July 31.

Around 8:30 the clerk came out of his house and went about their business, and out of the bushes went to meet the guy 20-25 years with the capacity in hand. When I approached the woman, he splashed the contents of the tank in her face and ran away.

Kherson city court chose a measure of restraint for Nikita Grabczuk, the fifth and final suspect of involvement in the assassination of officials of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk.

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