Catholic Christmas: customs and tradition

catolic_cristmasDid you know that the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas goes back to the early Christian era, when the Romans, inspired by the ideas of Jesus Christ, congratulating each other with his birth, handing a small pleasant souvenirs?

Subsequently, it has become an integral part of the holiday. Indeed, due to the ability to give, to sacrifice something, comprehend the true meaning of Christian doctrine. Since the end of December are actively Christmas charity auctions and balls, collecting funds for hospitals, orphanages, hospices.

Why December 25?

Traditionally Catholic Christmas is celebrated in late December. The reason was the desire of the Christian Church at the beginning of the first millennium BC eradicate pagan customs of the Romans. It was at this time, they praised the cult of the Sun, it was a great holiday, entrenched in the minds of people and their traditions. To change this, it was decided about the celebration of Christmas on December 25. That same day, until our time is marked Christmas, the date of its remains unchanged.

But this celebration among Christians falls on different days. The so-called Catholic Christmas celebrated on December 25 Roman Catholic, a large share of Orthodox and Protestant church. And in the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox tradition, as well as in Jerusalem and the Serbian Orthodox Church, the feast falls on 7 January. This is due to the chronology: following the Gregorian or Julian calendar.

Christmas traditions

Since the beginning of the holiday has passed nearly two dozen centuries, there were Christmas traditions: some church and some secular. In all churches on Christmas Eve Vigil held office, and all true believers observe strict pre-Christmas post.

Those who comply nevotserkovlen or just some church rules, still caught in a cycle of festive preparations.

Children on Christmas Eve walk on a neighbor’s home, glorifying the Lord, to get sweets. This tradition is called carols, it began to lose more in the pre-Christian era.

Adults, meanwhile, prepared a traditional Christmas dinner, decorate the house with garlands, Christmas wreaths and tree pose, sitting down on the very top of the angel.

Christmas Markets

To acquire the necessary decorations and even some special dishes for Christmas, as well as the spirit of the holiday, you can visit the Christmas market. The most colorful fairs are held traditionally in Europe. Christmas traditions in Germany and Austria honored and carefully observe. On the main street set shopping arcade, where they sell Christmas cakes and home decorations and Christmas trees.

Bazaars are very nicely decorated, they sparkle and shimmer. Everywhere we hear Christmas songs. On the area of ​​all children meet Santa Claus, gives small gifts and tells the story of a Christmas miracle.

Among the traditional food in the market you can buy cakes and Stolle – spicy sweet cake with raisins, nuts and candied fruit, and drink mulled wine. Incidentally, he has the same long history as the celebration of Christmas. In ancient Rome to store wine, adding a spice. But only began to warm up in the Nordic countries. Catholic Christmas in Europe is unthinkable without mulled wine, as well as without a Christmas tree and gifts.

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We wish you a Happy Christmas! Have fun to celebrate the holiday, following his pleasant tradition!
Let your home will bring together all those you love!
Merry Christmas!

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