Caviar has introduced a luxurious King push-button phone in Russia

Designer Italian company Caviar, which has a branch in Moscow presented the Russian market a new luxury King push-button phone. About it reported in a press release.

New phone from Caviar, which was probably made in China, lined with expensive premium content. The company is famous because is a different phone with a proprietary design. For the Russian market there is a whole Patriotic line.

This time, Caviar has presented the phone with the symbols of the Russian Empire. The device has the form of the state sword, which is stored in the Armory. Screen Caviar Tsar coated glass is made of sapphire. The phone has two variants – Gold and Caviar, Tsar Caviar Tsar Titanium. There is also a Caviar Tsar Heritage.

The device is covered with engraved with patterns double-headed eagle.

There is also a model made of red composite stone. The cost of premium Caviar Tsar starts from 149 thousand virtually any.