Celebrities who faked his death (and what came of it)

Ken Kesey

American writer

Знаменитости, которые инсценировали свою смерть (и что из этого вышло)

The author of the novel “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” was arrested for marijuana possession in 1965. When he was released on bail, Ken Kesey faked his suicide. He left his car in Eureka (CA) on a cliff above the shore of the Pacific Ocean and fled to Mexico in the trunk of my car friends. 8 months later the writer decided that the passion had subsided, returned to the United States and was immediately arrested. Ken Kesey was in prison for 5 months then moved to a farm, engaged in agriculture and off the drugs (but inaccurately).

John Stonehouse

The former Minister of technology and Minister of post and telecommunications UK

Знаменитости, которые инсценировали свою смерть (и что из этого вышло)

In 1970 John Stonehouse lost their Ministerial seats after the defeat of his party in the elections. The politician decided to go into business, but quickly became mired in debt. Stonehouse decided to run away and start a new life on the other side of the world. Using false documents, he transferred 20 thousand dollars to the Bank of New Zealand and thought his “death”.

In November 1974, Stonehouse left his clothes on the beach in Miami, make it look like he drowned, or was the victim of a shark, and he together with his mistress Sheila Buckley went to Australia on forged documents. It seemed that the idea was a success: Stonehouse really recognized dead. However, the fugitive failed the same Bank account. Manipulation of the transfers have caused employees of the Bank suspicious, they reported it to the police. However, police initially thought the trail count killer of Lucan, disappeared two weeks before.

24 Dec 1974 John Stonehouse was arrested in Australia, six months later, deported to the UK, sentenced to 7 years, but due to health was released early in 1979. In 1981, Stonehouse married Sheila Buckley, next year their son was born.

John Stonehouse became a frequent guest on television and has published three books, and another at the end of his life he finally opened his own small business manufacturing hotel safes and electronics.

Jaroslav Hasek

1883 — 1923
Czech writer

Знаменитости, которые инсценировали свою смерть (и что из этого вышло)

Auto books about the good soldier Schweik died at the age of 39. Health Hasek blew two transferred typhoid, as well as a love for booze and fatty foods. At the funeral of the writer was attended by his wife and son, and about a hundred residents of the village of Lipnice, where Hasek family has lived for the last two years of his life. Friends came only artist Anushka — others simply do not believe in the death of the writer! In 1915, when Hasek being a soldier of the First world war, gave up in Russian captivity, in the papers not just the news of his death.

“I was hanged three times, twice shot and once quartered wild rebels-Kyrgyz lake Calais-Isyh. Finally I was completely stabbed in a wild brawl with drunken sailors in a tavern in Odessa”, — joked the writer over his many obits.

In fact, Hasek was released from captivity in 1916, moved to the side of the Entente, then went to Russia, where he joined the Communist party and began to fight for the Red Army. Hasek successfully evaded the Czech field court, pretending to be crazy, and went back to “red”. He served in Simbirsk, Samara, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Ufa, where he met his second wife Alexandra Lvova. After the Civil war with Hasek’s wife left to live in London, but in 1920 the writer decides to return home to help the Czech Communists. “The hanged man”, “shot” and “stabbed” Hasek in Prague did not expect the appearance of a living writer was a big surprise. Hasek was so pleased to die that he more than once joked about his death. In addition, the writer liked to not disappear for several days, or even weeks, without warning even his wife.

In the end, when the writer was truly, the news of his death has long been considered the next “duck”.

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