CEO of Renault in Romania will take the post of President of the company “AVTOVAZ”

The head of The branch of Renault in Romania Yves Karakatsanis start fulfilling duties on a post of the President of JSC “AVTOVAZ” from June 1 this year. Meanwhile, Nicolas Mora was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Company Alliance Rostec Auto BV, which owns 83.5 per cent stake in the concern “AVTOVAZ” appointed IVA Karakatsanis the new President of the company. Relevant information was shared by “rostec”, it is also confirmed by representatives of Renault.
Mr. Karakatsanis is currently heading Automobile Dacia SA. It is noteworthy that Nicolas Moore also previously worked in the Romanian office of Renault. Since June 1, Mr. Mor will assume the responsibilities of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “AVTOVAZ”, and will also pay more attention to the positions of operations Director of Eurasia region and Vice-President of Renault, which he has held since the beginning of the year.
Recall Nicolas Mora appointed head of the company “AVTOVAZ” two years ago, he replaced Bo Andersson. By 2017, the Russian automaker cut its net loss to 4.6% or 9.7 billion to virtually any. In March of this year the Russians acquired
30 708 cars LADA, which is by 22.3% higher than a year earlier, and by the end of the first quarter grade showed an increase of 28.8% (79 of 114 cars).