Chaly denied the information about the request for the purchase of air defense systems from the United States

Чалый опроверг информацию о запросе на закупку систем ПВО у США

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that the media misinterpreted his words about the request of Ukraine for the purchase of military equipment or weapons from the United States. He told about it on air “Radio Freedom”.

“Unfortunately, many of the media misinterpreted what I said by linking pieces from different parts of the interview. Indeed, the fact that we are constantly engaged in this work, is the truth. But to say that there is a specific request and how much (air defense systems) – first, it’s classified, but the work is done, and it will continue,” – said Valery Chaly.

Earlier media spread information with reference to Valery Chaly about the fact that Ukraine has filed a request in Washington with regards to the purchase of air defense systems worth $ 750 million per unit, the at least three respective military complexes to the Ukrainian army.

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