Chamber of Commerce: Claude Denis succeeds Bruno Lavoie

The new president of the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce (CCS), Claude Denis, aims to strengthen local purchasing in the public sphere. Also, after the hard work of many CCS presidencies, he is confident that the Sherbrooke airport file could be completed under his mandate.

After four years on the board of directors of the CCS, Claude Denis, CEO of Electro-5, was elected to the presidency Tuesday at the annual general meeting. He succeeds the outgoing president, Bruno Lavoie, which ends two terms.

“Claude seems to me a very rigorous person. When he takes a file, he carries it, “says Lavoie about the new president.

Mr. Denis cultivates a true passion for entrepreneurship, which is reflected in his orientations. He wants to showcase the benefits of local purchasing in the public domain.

“I want to make public administrators think about buying locally, to integrate a purchasing policy into their purchasing policy. It’s doable, it’s even encouraged by the Conseil du trésor, “he says.

The new president has other projects in mind. Among other things, he hopes to see the Sherbrooke airport project completed, aware of the many efforts pursued by the CCS in recent years. In the same way as Law 122, it also wants to get closer to the public authorities.

“A chamber of commerce is an influential body and I would like to be as close as possible to decision-makers and administrators to ensure that messages pass and that it is through economic activity that we Ends up having good budgets, “he said.

The annual general meeting also announced the financial statement for the last year for the CCS: a favorable balance sheet. It announced a surplus of about $ 26,000 and net assets of $ 173,000 compared to a deficit of $ 13,000 last year for assets of $ 147,000.

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