Charles Dutoit left the Royal Philharmonic of London earlier than expected

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Archives The Duty

The conductor would normally leave this position in October 2019.

Charles Dutoit withdraw earlier than planned from his duties as artistic director and principal conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO).


The decision was taken ” following a meeting of the emergency with the board of directors and a deeper dialogue with Charles Dutoit “, shows a press release sent Wednesday morning, which says that it is a joint decision.


The maestro has been targeted last month by a series of allegations of sexual misconduct. Charles Dutoit has said that he rejected en bloc the allegations, which have not been proven in court.


“The decision has been taken in the wake of allegations of misconduct by Mr. Dutoit, who have been reported for the first time on 21 December 2017. Although Mr. Dutoit continues to seek a legal counsel to defend themselves, the protracted uncertainty and media attention ensure that the position of Mr. Dutoit with the orchestra has become untenable, ” wrote the band.


The conductor had announced in June 2017, he will leave his post in October 2019.


His departure is entered into force immediately.


“The RPO is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and takes very seriously its responsibilities to maintain a safe working environment for all its artists, its musicians and its staff “, added the press release.


The RPO adds that he maintains relationships with several conductors invited, who will take over the projects of Charles Dutoit with the orchestra in London, elsewhere in the Uk and internationally.


Allegations of sexual assault


Last December, three singers of the opera and a musician claimed that the former music director of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM) Charles Dutoit had been sexually assaulted, from 1985 to 2010.


Several orchestras have put an end to their collaboration with the maestro since these revelations.


A few days later, the OSM has announced that it will conduct an investigation after she had received a complaint of sexual harassment at the place of the one who was its artistic director from 1977 to 2002.


In a statement, Charles Dutoit said it was shocked by the allegations.


He said, ” do not recognize the man or the actions described in the media “, adding that ” although the physical contact was informal, are common in the field of art, the serious charges involving the coercion, and physical contact forced are not based.


The conductor added that it plans to defend itself.


“I believe that in the current climate, charges of the media with respect to serious physical attacks does not help that the society tackles these problems, if the allegations are in fact false,” he concluded.