Charlesbourg finds his Alouettes

(Quebec) After four seasons under the name of Castors CDE, Charlesbourg’s elite junior baseball team emerged from his baptistery and took his original name from Alouettes. Beautiful gift for a 40 th season!

The association with the sponsor Construction CDE thus comes to an end and does not seem to have been a huge success in the team’s coffers. In the field, however, the Beavers won a championship in 2013 and reached the semi-finals on two other occasions.

In addition to the teal blue of their uniforms, the Alouettes’ name brings back a tradition of excellence that touched its pinnacle from 1995 to 2000 with six consecutive series championships. The club founded by Yves Deblois exists since 1978.

The Alouettes played their first three campaigns at the Stade Municipal de Québec, before adopting the Henri-Casault park in Charlesbourg as their home. This same Municipal Stadium, now known as the Canac Stadium, now serves as a dwelling place for their enemy brothers in the capital, the Diamonds of Quebec. They also played yo-yo with their names in recent seasons, passing to Junior Capitals for 2012 and 2013 before returning to Diamonds.

The Alouettes will still be guided this summer by manager Jean-Nicolas Blanchet, his second year at the helm, while Gaétan Dufour is still chairman of the team. Their regular schedule begins as early as May 14 in LaSalle, while the local opening will be held on May 20 in Charlesbourg. The first Alouettes-Diamants regional derby will take place the following day, May 21, while Quebec City will be the visiting team at Henri-Casault.

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Another important date for the troop of Blanchet, his men will face the national junior team of Cuba on July 4, during a Cuban tour with the 13 formations of the LBJEQ. In Quebec, against the Diamonds, it will be July 12th.