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Perhaps the most unforgettable journey of my life happened this summer when my wife and I and friends of the family traveled to the Balearic Islands. Two weeks of unforgettable emotions, new acquaintances and local oddities, from which just dizzy. The trip was spontaneous, although I always wanted four of us to get out and do something. A friend called, said he and his wife have a desire to hit the road for a couple of days. Since this all started. I started to monitor a trusted site with tips on trips, came across information about the Balearic Islands and then it started . In the head a bunch of ideas how to arrange everything, the only problem was with time. We have to fly certainly not for a couple of days. Had to settle all the issues at work, to attach children to the grandparents. Everything went very well. And who would have thought a couple of weeks ago that we are waiting for this joint and cool trip.

Wife has entrusted all choice us. We had another 2 days to understand all the subtleties, buy plane tickets, plan a route and book a hotel. My assistant at the landmarks did not disappoint us, all the information that we needed, including toll roads, most top-end resorts we were able to quickly find . In the end I planned the whole thing and Minorca to visit, and Ibiza, and Formentera. Of course, a little strained moving and changing hotels, but now, remembering her fear, understand that it should not have any emotions. 3-4 days on each island is enough to tell the difference, look at a couple of sites and just enjoy the local air.

Of course, if not renting a car, we would have decided on all the travel. Booked VOLKSWAGEN GOLF and Quad – this is a great option provided that you have a little Luggage. Very pleased with the service and generally how we are treated. I liked that the machine gave the time, and as no complaints. I still had a car, always pleased with the service, so avid hikers and comfort heartily recommend . I remember the first time they booked the car for the honeymoon and of course I wanted to surprise the wife. Then I picked up a great convertible, and I’m worried how will our trip. Wife still talks about that car and said that the anniversary should still be repeated.

Andrey Tarasov