Cheap slave labor : Lithuania will introduce a quota for foreign employees of Ukrainian migrant workers

 Дешевая рабсила : Литва введет квоты на иностранных работников из-за украинских  заробитчан

“Cheap slave labor”: Lithuania will introduce a quota for foreign employees of Ukrainian “guest workers”
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The Lithuanian government is afraid that the Ukrainian immigrants displace Lithuanian workers, who have so little left. Most went to the more successful EU countries.

Ukrainian labor migrants in Lithuania, the impact on local labour legislation. The government has established quotas for foreign workers in certain occupations. This was reported by the portal Delfi.

Ukrainians in Lithuania, as in other EU countries perceive as cheaper labor. As it is known by the common laws of Economics, who is “dumping” – the one to blame. In this case, it is cheaper to sell yourself to a man-hours ready Ukrainians.

– Can begin the process of displacement from the labour market our citizens, because it is a (Ukrainian – Ed.) more cheap labor,” said Vice-Chancellor of the Lithuanian government Deividas, Matulenis.

Over all, according to familiarize with his lifetime, Lithuania flooded the Ukrainian drivers and builders.

– Last year working visas or residence permits on the basis of employment was provided to nearly 34.5 thousand foreigners, from them about 20 thousand – the citizens of Ukraine, the TV channel said to BNS with reference to the migration Department of Lithuania.

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