Chicken makes women barren and men impotent

The expert from the program “Rospotrebnadzor” told about dangerous products, use of which should be kept to a minimum. As it turned out, the most dangerous thing in the fridge was chicken. Chicken meat has a negative impact on the potency and strength of men and can lead to infertility in women.

Oleg Solntsev says that chicken should be thoroughly cooked, even the blood has dried. Finished products from chicken, it is better not to buy, because who knows what in it can be.

The expert said that on the farms chickens given female hormones. In order that the meat was clean and safe for consumption, hormones need to stop giving 10 days prior to slaughter. Farmers do not, because there is a risk that the hen will die before slaughter and they will not make a profit.

Sun recommends not making soup from chicken and to minimize the consumption of chicken in the daily diet. He claims that chicken meat has a detrimental effect on the potency of men and may cause female infertility.