Chief Lukyanovka jail became the head of the Boryspil colony Ruslan Chamomile

Начальником Лукьяновского СИЗО стал руководитель Бориспольской колонии Руслан Ромашков

New head of Kyiv detention facility, more commonly known as the Lukyanivka prison, became Ruslan Chamomile, head of Boryspil penal colony №119.

This was stated by Yuriy Maslak, the press Secretary of the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov in the air “112 Ukraine”.

“Now comes the presentation of the new head. It will be Ruslan Chamomile. To this day he has held the position of head of the 119th colony,” said Maslak.

Начальником Лукьяновского СИЗО стал руководитель Бориспольской колонии Руслан Ромашков

The rest of the updated guidance of the insulator will be announced next week.

“As the old leadership Lukyanovka jail, today the resignation letter was written by the head of the detention center. Also changed the entire management team: Deputy head for regime work, first Deputy head, Deputy chief for operations, Deputy chief for educational work. All these positions shall be filled by other people. I think that is for next week,” said Maslak.

The relationship of layoffs to revolt “tornadovtsev” yet do not comment.

“Military prosecutors are investigating, all fixed, and we conducted their own internal investigation. And all the facts stated by Anatoly Matios, was found. We’re not going to cover: the dismissal or the resignation letter does not relieve any person from responsibility. If the person was guilty or committed some violation, it will bear responsibility”, – said the representative of the Ministry of justice.

Recall, August 9, during the escorting fighters “Tornado” under Lukyanovsky jail, clashes occurred between citizens and police officers.

In the end, three soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”, which was held in the Lukyanivka prison in Kyiv, was transferred, and others put in solitary confinement. As told in the Ministry of justice, the result of the application of the soldiers improvised explosive packets suffered one of the police officers. In addition, it was reported that “tornadovtsa” poured gasoline on one of the police officers and threatened to set fire to it.

The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko has announced tough administrative decisions in respect of employees of Lukyanovka jail in the near future.

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