Children forced to scrub toilets in Samara kindergarten

In one of private kindergartens in Samara educators as punishment for the misdeeds of young children used coercion to cleaning the toilet. With this incident knows the district Prosecutor’s office.


In regional office of public Prosecutor of Samara received a complaint from one of the families who use the services of a private kindergarten. In the complaint, the child’s parents explained that their child was forced to clean the toilets for acts of bad behavior. According to the child, he could not sleep during quiet hours, for the teacher cursed it and another child, and then sent to clean their toilet. The mother of a hurt child said that in the kindergarten calmly responded to her outrage, explaining that this method of punishment they used on a regular basis.

Head of private kindergarten refused to give comments to journalists, and officials said that is not familiar with these methods, they practiced in kindergarten. At the moment the incident is investigated by representatives of the regional Prosecutor’s office.