China has shown a record light show featuring 1374 drones

В Китае показали рекордное световое шоу с участием 1374 дронов

China has shown a record light show featuring 1374 drones
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Drones staged a spectacular show. Photo:

In the Chinese city of XI’an of Shaanxi province set therecord.

In the Chinese city of XI’an has set a new light record. During the 13 minute 1374 drone at the same time demonstrated in the air the light show. This was announced by China Central television.

During the show, the drones rose from the surface of the narrow city walls and established over it a light curtain with a length of 1200 meters and a height of 100 meters, and then gave a presentation in the form of various geometric shapes.

The world record lasted 13 minutes. Drones gave the Chinese manufacturer Ehang Egret.

Officially in the Guinness Book of records acknowledged the achievement may 1.

The previous record belonged to Intel Corporation at the opening of the winter Olympic games in South Korea, while at the same time soared 1218 drones.


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