China will massively clean up the content Network

The staff of the Chinese social network Weibo has begun to clean up the kontetom. The fact is that the country has tightened cyber security, as reported by “Version.Info”.

Now on the prohibited list more types of material. For example, it will be impossible to show everything related to pornography, violence, or the homosexual attitude. Subject to such and many games that in the new frame does not fit. Netizens in China did not appreciate these rules. They began to post messages with the caption “I’m gay”, and it has already reached more than 100 thousand. For such employees Weibo simply blocked.

However, users were outraged, the content is still massively cleaned. According to the new bill, authorities will now be able to put pressure on enterprises material which they had not previously enjoyed. Previously it was known that China has temporarily closed two sharing for promoting teenage pregnancy.