Chris Evans play in the fantastic Neil Blomkamp

Крис Эванс сыграет в фантастическом фильме Нила Бломкэмпа

The role of Captain America in kynoselen Marvel Chris Evans signed a contract on participation in the new disaster movie called “Greenland” South African Director Neil Blomkamp.

Plot details are still kept secret, known only that it focuses on a family trying to survive in the face of impending global natural disaster. It is expected that shooting will start in the second half of 2018, rolling schedule not yet approved.

Recall that Evans had to withdraw earlier in the disaster movie. In 2013, rent was released the project with the actor called “Through the snow”, which took place in a post-apocalyptic reality.

At the time of this writing, fans of Evans can see it on screens around the world in the film “the Avengers 3: infinity War”. Will he continue to participate in the development of kynoselen Marvel, is still unknown. The actor himself has repeatedly stressed that he is ready to play Captain America as long as it will be interesting to the audience and the Studio.

The fourth series of “the Avengers” will be released in may 2019.