Chris Pratt defends his church’s anti-LGBTQ and people are not happy

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Chris Pratt has finally responded to accusations made by Ellen Page the last week about his association with a church recognized for his positions anti-LGBTQ.

In a publication on Twitter, the actress accused Chris Pratt’s pass over in silence this aspect of the church that he attends in an interview where he spoke of his faith. After a few days, Chris Pratt decided to answer in a story Instagram.

“It was recently suggested that I was a member of a church that “hates certain communities” and who is “known to be anti-LGBTQ”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m a member of a church that opens its doors to absolutely everyone,” says Chris Pratt on Instagram.

He continues to defend himself by comparing his status to divorced to that of a gay person, a parallel questionable by many people.

“Despite what the bible says about divorce, my church has accompanied me without judgment, and respecting myself simply in my journey. They have greatly helped me by offering their love and support. This is what I’ve seen them do on many occasions, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity of the people.”


Many people have turned to Twitter for a fact know that the answers of Chris Pratt were typical of the people “privileged” and did not really to the criticism launched by Ellen Page.




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One thing is certain, Chris Pratt has not managed to defuse the situation with his last message!