Chris Rock will star in the new season of Fargo

Крис Рок снимется в новом сезоне сериала Фарго

Actor Chris Rock will star in the fourth season of “Fargo”, the shooting of which will begin in 2019.

According to Variety, the famous comedian will play the role of leader of the mafia.

“I’m a fan of “Fargo” and can’t wait to start work,” said Rock.

The new season will happen in 1950-ies in Kansas city, Missouri. During this period, large groups of Italians migrated to USA and settled in new York, Chicago and other Northern cities. At the same time, in pursuit of the American dream in these cities arrived blacks who decided to leave the South of the country. So Kansas city was the place where I had to get two criminal syndicates.

In the centre of the fourth season — Italian and African American, headed by mafia groups. To strengthen its influence and to establish the Union, they “shared” eldest sons, but the situation changes when dies one of the bosses.

As previously reported, the actress Jessica Lange will return in the TV series “American horror story”.

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