Christina Applegate is done to remove the ovaries, 9 years after the mastectomy

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Christina Applegate at the 26th charity event Simply Shakespeare at The Freud Playhouse in Westwood, September 19, 2016

Faced with the risk of developing cancer, the star has undergone a new operation.

Nine years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has had a double mastectomy in order to prevent possible relapse, Christina Applegate announced that she had again undergone surgery preventive to remove the ovaries and fallopian Tubes.

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Interviewed on October 11, by the site Today, the actress of 45 years was, therefore, entrusted to you for the first time at this topic, revealing that the operation had taken place “two weeks ago”. Like Angelina Jolie, who had also chosen the ablation preventive of the ovaries and breasts a few years ago, Christina Applegate said that she was a carrier of the BRCA gene, the same one who is responsible for the hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. “My cousin died of ovarian cancer in 2008. I could avoid it. It is like that that I decided to take control. It is a relief. It is something that I don’t have to worry about. Now, let’s hope that I won’t be knocked down by a bus,” joked the former star of the series Married with children.

Very concerned for his daughter

In his interview, the wife of the musician Martyn LeNoble (she married in 2008) has also referred to its mode of life, totally transformed for nearly ten years. “We grow our own vegetables. Everyone does not have this possibility. We have a home 100% organic. My daughter [Sadie, soon 7 years, ed] is a vegetarian, and practically vegan. It is his choice. This is how she eats. We do really pay attention to what we buy,” she continued.

Despite this, Christina Applegate is concerned about just a lot about her daughter, who could be a carrier of the gene. “The chances of my daughter being positive for the BRCA are very high. I have the monitors and the fed as healthily as possible. I try to keep his stress level low. I am doing all that I can while knowing that in twenty years it will have to start testing. By then, with a little luck, there will be progress. To me it breaks the heart to think that there is a possibility for it to be affected”, she concluded.

In parallel to his activities as an actress, Christina Applegate is since 2009 head of the foundation, Right Action For Women, an organization she created and who comes to the aid of women who are carriers of the BRCA gene.

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