Christmas 2014 in the USA

Protestants and Catholics around the world on December 25 will mark one of the major religious holidays of the year – Christmas. In the US, it is probably the most important and most colorful festival of the year, which is usually to meet a feast with family and friends.

At Christmas every American home is decorated with all sorts of garlands and wreaths made of fir branches, many set in front of the house glowing holiday nativity scenes depicting the shepherds, wise men, angels, the Virgin Mary. Feast of the family as a whole, and in the evening streets are empty, but in large metropolitan areas will start fireworks, musical concerts and performances.

The main attribute will be a feast traditionally stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce, as well as dishes of cabbage and potatoes. In this case, every American remembers tradition of the country from where they were born of his ancestors. For example, a table of Americans with Polish roots include beet soup, while the descendants of immigrants from Hungary made abundant use of spices walnut, poppy, caraway seeds and sesame seeds.

American has installed at his home 76 Christmas trees
On the eve of each quarter unfold markets where American for 50-80 dollars can buy a Christmas tree varieties particularly lush.

Children on the US mainland vrozhdestvenskuyu night waiting for Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh, which will make the way into the house through the chimney and spread gifts specially posted for this purpose stockings or just under the tree. On another sunny Hawaii tradition: Santa Claus is moved from house to house by boat. Americans have, and something like our “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” – traditionally a holiday twist TV tape “It’s a Wonderful Life,” filmed in 1946.

By The Way

Christmas – a federal holiday, so all government offices are closed, as well as banks, shops and private firms. A good example of what Christmas should be left all worries aside and devote time to family and friends, gives Americans a year, US President Barack Obama. The head of state on Christmas Eve traditionally goes with his family to Hawaii, and stays there for a vacation and a half to two weeks.

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