Christyna Boudreault Occupation double, more cut and muscular than ever

Christyna Boudreault d'Occupation double plus découpée et musclée que jamais

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Christyna Boudreault, seen in the context of the issue , double Occupancy, shared a photo of her when she had just won second place in a bodybuilding competition.

The young woman appears to be, the muscles more defined than ever.

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“Every competition is a different experience, and it has been for me a roller coaster of emotions. I take this as another learning and a warm-up to the next”, she said in the caption of his photo.

No doubt, Christyna has changed since the days of double-bunking in Portugal where she and Dany is shouting “I love you, babe” above the head.

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This is not the first competition in which Christyna participle : she had shared images of his progress between 2016 and 2017 last summer.

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